Urihith Capsule

Urihith Capsule

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Urihith Capsule is a modern ayurveda medicine helps to reduce Uric acid level and prevent from Gouty arthritis. This capsule is formulated based on the traditional ayurveda medicinal combination it supports to healthy uric acid level. The key compositions are Kokilakshakam, Guduchi, pippali, Manjistha, Satavari, Ajamoda, Haritaki, Vibhithaki and Amalaki.

Kokilakshakam contain an antihepatotoxic and antibacterial property that’s helps to managing joint related issues. Guduchi reduces the pitta amount. It helps to balance vata and pitta dosha and decrease uric acid amount in blood. It also relieves pain and inflammation of joints.
Pippali helps to manage stomachache due to gas or flatulence. Gas or flatulence is caused due to an imbalance of Vata and Pitta dosha. Manjistha manages Urolithiasis. The presence of ruberythric acid in Manjistha is extremely beneficial in treating urolithiasis. Satavari produces three antioxidants, which can prevent damage and disease in the body. Ajamoda contain antirheumatic property which helps to reduce joint inflammation and pain like gout. Haritaki, Vibhithaki and Amalaki are Thriphala. It is an ayurvedic remedy that can be used to bring down uric acid. These components are processed with Kokilakshakam kashayam.

Urihith is an ayurvedic remedy for gout and high uric acid problems like joint pains. Urihith can make our kidney function well it help to filter the excess amount of uric acid. Hence Urihith capsule is good to cure Gouty arthritis.

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