The combination
free painless

A unique
combination for
Acid Peptic Disease

An Effective
combination for
quick relief
from Piles

The Unique
combination for
to prevent White
Discharge Effectively

The combination
reduces excess
Fat and improves

The Comprehensive
unique solution
for skin diseases


Hithaushadha literally means “the apt medicine for a particular disease”. Hithaushadha welcomes its patients to a new understanding of medicines, which functions both as curative and preventive. Ayurvedic pharmaceutical preparations, based on past tradition and present day forms and techniques, define the medicines. They are derived out of age-old medicinal preparation compositions, and further optimized for addressing present day common diseases.

Kerala Ayurvedic tradition is rich in medicinal preparation techniques and compositions. Most of them follows the texts of traditional medicines and medicinal preparations, which have been incorporated over the years, providing a distinct character to the Kerala tradition. Hithaushadha further reforms and refines these medicinal preparations without wavering from the limits and disciplines as laid out in the age-old texts, and make them right for modern day both in form and composition.

What makes our medicines unique is that they are in capsule-form, and provides effective cure and relief from common diseases, which are susceptible to worsen into major diseases. What makes them right is their quality to provide instant relief, cure and further the ability to function as an efficient preventive.

Hithaushadha manufactures medicines addressing a particular disease common in the society, and generally common among the world population. Availability of these medicines in capsule-form makes it more convenient for both doctors in prescribing them, and for patients in consuming them. Further, we intend to take the already developed Ayurveda Pharmacy into the next level of increased precision and optimization. We welcome all our patients and doctors to this wholly new world of Ayurvedic medicines.

About us

Hithaushadha Herbal Concepts found a place for itself in the Kerala Ayurveda map in October 2017 as Ayurvedic Medicinal Manufacturers. Dr. K.P. Chandrasekharan Nair, with immense experience in the field of Ayurveda, exceptional Government service along with being an Educator and sole Practitioner, heads the institution and is ably assisted by his son Dr. G. Krishnadas. Dr. G. Krishnadas is a well-experienced Practitioner with a splendid career history, which associates him with some of the reputed firms in Kerala Ayurveda Industry.

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