Wormihith Syrup

Wormihith Syrup

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Wormihith Syrup is an effective antimicrobial formulation that improves digestion and absorption of nutrients. Wormihith Syrup is a good ayurveda medicine support to clear out worms. This syrup contains Vidanga, Nirgundi, Pippali, Lasuna, Sigru, Sunthi, Mustha, Hingu, Maricha and Ajmoda.

Vidanga is useful to manage worm infection due to its Krimighna property. Pippali helps to improve Agni (digestive fire) and digests the food easily. Lasuna act as appetizer and analgesic due to pungent and hot qualities. Sigru is heavy for digestion, cold in potency, alleviates pitta and kapha dosha and treats it nourishes the body, stimulates the digestive fire and loosens the stool. Sunthi facilitates better nutrient assimilation help to overcome sluggish digestion and promote gastric emptying. Mustha is help to increase digestive fire. It is used to treat undigested material left in to the body. Maricha is pungent and bitter in taste, hot in potency, light to digest, It helps in curing intestinal worms, improves taste precipitation, it alleviates kapha dosha. Ajmoda is a digestive herb, works amazingly well in treating gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion, bloating, flatulence, abdominal crambs and regularize bowel functions.

Wormihith is a natural remedy for clean out worms and digestive issues. It also improves digestion and absorption of nutrients. Wormihith is 100 percent natural syrup children.

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