The simple inspiration behind Hithaushadha is a family tradition of more than 300 years, coupled with the ideas derived from an immense wealth of experience and knowledge gained from modern-day medical practice. In a way, it is continuation of the works of its ancestors in a new form and feature, which caters to the public in the present time. Traditional Ayurvedic families are the heart of Kerala Ayurveda Industry. Hithaushadha belongs to this genre of Kerala Ayurveda stream, and endeavors constantly to live-up to the high standards usually associated with such genre. The strictures and discipline as laid out in the Scriptures and Texts of Kerala Ayurveda tradition are absolutely followed without any leniency or compromise because we believe in genuine Ayurveda practice, and intends to uphold the principles and values of this medical discipline.

Dr. K.P. Chandrashekharan Nair, who is an Ayurveda practitioner of proven skills with a further glowing reputation as a Doctor in Government Service and also as an eminent Teacher in the field of Ayurveda Studies and Academics, along with his wife Dr. Latha who is also an Ayurveda Doctor, initially began an Ayurveda Treatment Center named Gokulam Ayurveda Health Care which still flourishes at Avinissery in Thrissur District. When his son also entered the Ayurveda field and gained experience after working with many reputed Ayurveda firms of Kerala, Hithaushadha was launched as an Ayurveda Pharmaceutical Company. Now, the Company manufactures medicines of its own. The medicinal preparations are based upon the Family’s traditional knowledge in the field coupled with their present day experience in the field of pharmaceutical preparations. Dr. K.P. Chandrasekharan Nair’s son, Dr. G. Krishnadas’ wife is also an Ayurveda Doctor, and together this family leads and guides the firm Hithaushadha.