The basic attraction and advantage of Ayurveda is its lack of side effects after the treatment period and medicinal administration. Lifestyle diseases has become a curse for modern day society. Due to the increase of junk food culture and air pollution, allergic diseases and conditions of fatty liver and cholesterol etc. has become very common, and Ayurveda treatment and medicinal application was found to produce not just a temporary relief but a permanent relief, and cure without any further complication and effects.

The present day life which is full of stress and strain from professional as well as personal life brings lot of diseases. The Ayurveda ‘Dinacharya’ which means a daily routine, and ‘Rithucharya’ which is a routine as according to climate has thus found increasing relevance in the modern generation. This healthy life culture that Ayurveda instils amongst its patients made people to consider Ayurveda as the medical system they prefer for relief and cure from their complex medical conditions.

Ayurveda has thus become the most preferred medical system of modern times. Even though Ayurveda treatments are time-consuming and medicinal administrations often a bit complex, the end result has been found to be broad, holistic and above all has the benefit of having no after effects.