Ulsohith Capsule

Ulsohith Capsule

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Ulsohith capsule is a unique combination for Acid Peptic disease. It is formulated based on the Traditional ayurveda medicine. Ulsohith capsule most effective to gets fast relief from stomach pain related to ulcer and gastritis and also regulates acid peptic secretion. The key ingredients are Laghu Soothasekhara rasam, Yastimadhu, Vibhithaki, Amalaki, Harithaki, Sankha Bhasmam, Avipattikara Churnam and Parvala Pisti.

Laghu Soothasekhara rasam is very using full remedy to mange digestive disorders as in case of gastric and acidity it provides plenty of relief from heartburn, also improve digestion. It helps to enhance the appetite. Yastimadhu prevented stomach ulcer due to their anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties. It is showing significant result in reducing the inflammation of the stomach lining and ulcer healing property. Harithaki increases the mucus production in the stomach forming a protective barrier thus preventing acidity and ulcer. Vibithaki manage gastric ulcer, gastritis due to potent anti-ulcerogenic activity.

Amlaki is rich in Vitamin C and anti oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal properties. Shankha Bhasma is use to manage conditions like acid reflux .It helpful in hyperacidity, loss of appetite. Avipattikara Churnam is use to mend the symptoms of peptic ulcers. It is reducing excess acid secretion in the stomach. Parvala Pisti possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties. The bioactive components Parvala Pisti holds high significance in treating different type of ulcers like ulcerative colitis, peptic ulcer, canker sores or mouth ulcers.it also promoting tissue regeneration and hence expedites wound healing. This all medicines are processing with Thriphala kashayam.

Hence these medicines are more effective in conditions like Pithajagrahani (Ulcerative Colitis), Annadrava Shoola(Gastric Ulcer), Parinama Shoola (Deuodenal Ulcer).

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