Aksha Herbal Hair Oil ( 200ml )

Aksha Herbal Hair Oil ( 200ml )

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Aksha Herbal Hair Oil is ayurveda herbal oils and hair revitlizer. It helps to prevent from hair loss, grey hair and maintain healthy hair. Aksha Herbal Hair Oil is the unique combination that helps to maintain hair color, reduce fungal infection and gives good sleep. The key combinations of Aksha Herbal Hair Oil are Neeli, Haritaki, Amalaki, vibhitaki, Sariva, Yashtimadhu, Anjanam, Ksheeram.

Neeli is use to treating hair fall and grey hair. Haritaki promotes hair growth. Fights against fungal infections, prevents clogging of hair follicles and prevent split ends. Also ensure better absorption of nutrients and prevent premature graying.  Amalaki also help to strengthen the scalp and hair. Also reduce premature pigment loss from hair or graying and stimulate hair growth. Vibhitaki is detoxification and rejuvenation properties. Sariva contain anti oxidant antifungal and anti bacterial properties.

Yashtimadhu is soothes scalp infection boost hair re-growth, improves hair quality, reduces hair fall, prevents premature balding and graying of hair.  Anjanam gives natural black color to hairs and prevents premature graying. Ksheeram helps to preventing hair loss make the root stronger, silkier and shinier. Hence these all ingredients are processed in kera Thailam. The skin generally absorbs Kera Thailam quickly. Hence this property helps to absorb minerals from oil to head scalp. It also feels relaxed and revitalized.

Hence, Aksha Herbal Hair Oil is the unique combination that helps to maintain healthy hair. It is a natural remedy for all hair problems, to promote hair growth and also good hair revitlizer.

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