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Pilohith Capsule is an effective combination for quick relief from piles and formulated by using traditional ayurveda medicines. It’s a trusted combination that which heals piles, offers painless smooth evacuation of bowels. The main components of Pilohith capsule are Vansooranam, patha, Arshakutara Rasam, Chavya, Chitraka, Daruharidra, Harithaki, Kutaja, pippali, Su.Alum, Sunti, Vibhithaki, Vilvam and Amalaki.

Vansooranam is using for the treatment of piles and Allied indigestions, Loss of appetite, Pallor and Indolence. Patha also contain wound healing properties. Arshakutara Rasam helps to shrinking the pile mass. Chavya help in managing piles due to its Seetha (Cool) and Kashaya (Astringent) properties. Chitraka helps gives relief from constipation due to its laxative property and also reduces painful piles due to its pain relieving as well as Vata and Pitta dosha balancing properties. Daruharidra is use as a stomachic, bitter tonic, laxative, diaphoretic, antiseptic, and antipyretic. It is use to treat severe hemorrhoids externally.

Harithaki eases the bowel movement and relieves the pressure on the affected area. It is also anti-inflammatory and supports healing. Kutaja is most prominent benefit in managing bleeding piles due to its astringent property. Su.Alum is an astringent, it can help shrink anorectal haemorrhoids. Sunti is anatural pain killer use to relieve all type of pain. Vibhithaki contains antimicrobial, anti-oxidant helps to mend piles. Vilvam and Amalaki contain anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory property and healing property that help to mend the piles conditions.

Hence Pilohith Capsule is a good combination for heals the piles, painless smooth evacuation of bowels, relieves the pressure on the affected area, managing bleeding, it can help to shrink anorectal haemorrhoids.

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by DR. ARUN RAJ on Blank Business Name

good for external piles

by Dr LEKSHMIVINIL on Blank Business Name
Best for hemorrhoids and bleeding piles

A male patient who had the complaint of bleeding piles have been reffered to surgery had relived his symptoms within three weeks of administration of Pilohit capsules. I found it to be more helpful in fissures and internal piles.