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Swasohith Syrup

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Swasohith Syrup is a combination of ayurveda medicine use to improve respiratory system related Ailments. It’s also helps to allergic asthma, Cough and Lungs related issues. Swasohith Syrup is formulating traditional Ayurveda medicine like Vasa, Surasa, Vilwa, Gambhari, Agnimantha, Patala, Syonaka, Bruhati, Bhadra, Nagara, Maricha, Pippali, Goksura, Yashtimadhu, Gunduchi, Karpoora, Ajamodarka.

Vasa contain a chemical similar to bromhexine chloride, which is why it works so well as an expectorant. So is an effective for respiratory condition such as asthma, cough, and bronchitis. Surasa support natural respiratory comfort due to its known expectorant and anti inflammatory effects. Also maintain respiratory health. Vilwa help manage cough due to its expectorant property. This promotes the secretion of sputum by the air passages and helps in easy breathing.

Gambhari act as antipyretic and anti allergic agent. Agnimantha is useful to cough and asthma. Patala can help to control the symptoms of asthma and give relief from breathlessness. They remove excess mucus from the lungs. This gives relief from the symptoms of asthma. Syonaka contain expectorant that help to promote the secretion of sputum by air passages, used to treat coughs. Guduchi contain anti-inflammatory property, this helps to reduce frequent cough as well as sore throat.

Bruhati is widely used in respiratory problems like cold, cough, sore throat asthma and bronchitis. Bhadra possess anti-asthmatic and antibechic property. Nagara containing anti-inflammatory property that helps to reduce irritation in the throat and lungs. Maricha shows anti-inflammatory and analgesic property. Pippali contains anti-asthmatic property that helps to control the symptoms of asthma and gives relief in case of breathlessness. Goksura show antimicrobial activity that helps to treat asthma and cough. Yashtimadhu soothe the respiratory tract, antimicrobial property helps to reduce the infection of the upper respiratory tract. These all medicines are processed in palm sugar. Palm sugar contains a dietary fiber called inulin. The fiber can help control bacteria in the gut, promotes good digestion and improves your body’s mineral absorption

Swasohith syrup is a completely natural ayurveda cough syrup containing natural ingredients that give result without any side effects. It is an ideal product for both children and adult persons. This ayurveda medicine enables a clear air way passage so you can breathe easily. It works inside our body and helps to clear cough, cold and sore throat symptoms and allergy symptoms as well.

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